I was hiding, one morn, in plain view,
when a voice drifted over the dew.
The words that it said,
I remember with dread
"Aquarion? I've something for you."

And a something indeed did she pass,
the Anoun who was sat on the grass
It was green, did not tick
and was made of plastic.
(Because it would have eaten though glass)

It was, it explained, a shampoo
that applied would then protect you
from your head caving in,
and filled with tonic and gin,
which was as much as I'd ask it to do.

The front read that it would work.
From its duties not shirk
and this wasn't a prank,
for my gods how it stank.
like a soap bar dissolving in murk.

Soap it contained, as a start.
Soy source, which made it smell tart
Shampoo and Ketchup
paint and rose syrup
all layered and split into parts.

olive brine, lemonade, (just a hint)
sunflower oil, some gravy (for brown tint)
And to make people savour:
some coffee for flavour.
toothpaste and basil and a mint.

(But the strangest thing there of his haul:
when you shook it, and mixed up it all
until the whole scene
was a uniform green
the smell wasn't bad to recall)