See also Project Walrus

Possible links:

  • Afphrid (obviously) (High Contact, Low Fan)
  • Flickr (Contact & Fan via API)
  • LJ Friend (Contact) (http://www.livejournal.com/bots/)
  • Twitter (Contact/Fan via rec.)
  • Facebook (Contact)
  • TT (When we write the API. Or before, possibly)
  • FOAF (C/F Via API)
  • XFN (C/F via API)
  • OPML (F)
  • Last.fm

Might be able to, if we can fix an API together

  • MySpace (will need API)
  • IM Networks? Bit ikky.
  • Pownce/Doppler/?
  • Linked In?
  • Deviantart