The great and epic page of all my accounts on everything everywhere.

aka “Project Walrus”

(I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.)

(It’s actually hilarious)

Entries marked are actually in general use/kept updated. (As of September 2018)

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How To Contact Me

  • Email: My email address is Nicholas At for personal stuff, Nicholas at Istic.Net for business, Aquarion at for something larpy.
  • Phone: 01224 393 428 (Internationally: +441224393428 ) will send you to a message recording service.
  • Instant Messaging: I am Aquarionic on Telegram, which is my preferred IM network.

Other methods I am much less likely to see as quickly.

Places I Put Stuff

  • Thought out words go on Aquarionics
  • Life Updates and public performance art go on Twitter & Facebook
  • Fiction goes up on Faction Fiction
  • Some random stuff goes on Tumblr
  • Everything I do, say & am will end up on eventually

I am also

My Websites

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  • I'm also on Withings & Fitbit

Thousand Words Apiece

Sound & Fury

Words of ernest

Places to be

  • nicholas at aquarionics dot com on Google Calendar
  • Foursquare & Swarm
  • Conferences and stuff go on Lanyrd
  • Aquarion on Dopplr
  • Aquarion on Google Latitude

Internet 0.9

  • Aquarion of #maelfroth & #empirefroth on
  • Aquarion of #lugradio & other places on Freenode
  • Aquarion on
  • Aquarion of AFDA
  • Aquarion of AFP
  • Aquarion of AFE
  • Aquarion on #xkcd
  • Aquarion of Usenet

My Data Elsewhere

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Other Sites

Computer Games


  • Aquarion on Steam
  • Jascain on XBox Live
  • Jascain on Origin
  • Aquarionic on Playstation Network
  • “Aquarion#1498” on
  • Wii Code is 5663-0499-5323-0501
  • Switch code is SW-1677-1726-0596
  • Pokemon Go code is 4814 8222 2493




Instant Messaging

  • Aquarionic on Telegram
  • Aquarion on Skype
  • Google Hangouts as
  • 20670955 on ICQ

My email address is Nicholas At Aquarionics Dot Com, you can leave me a phone message on 01224 393 428 (Internationally: +441224393428 )