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When I started to work for Those Who Evolve (who are actually a company with a two word name, of which the second is Media and the first is Evolving) I mentioned it on my weblog.

I created a category with the company name, and filed all mention of them under this category.

Within two weeks I was third match for the company name in Google. Suprising, considering there are at least six companies with the same name.

Naturally the company were less than over-the-moon about this discovery, but we agreed that I wouldn’t mention corperate secrets (Adaptiv:CMS is people!) and we moved on.

Then we started getting press about some stuff we’re doing for Big Companies, and I’m uncomfortable with my personal site being anywhere near it. Not because I don’t like what we’re doing, but because I’m in no way qualified to speak for the company on the subject, and much of what I would say isn’t company line.

Therefore, I wandered though the site, removed the mentions of the company name (Replaced with “Those who Evolve”, a reference to my pseudomystical meta-taxonomy at work), renamed the category and waited for Google to reindex. Which it did (As did Yahoo and various other people at the same time, nearly taking down the box), and now I’m somewhere down the list (Due to missing a story in the great history-rewriting). Now I can exist free from the low grade tyranny of being master of my company’s destiny.

Or, well, not.