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My son had eaten the lemon that was scheduled to go into
sundays roast chicken, so I had to come up with something
else. The something else was filling the chicken with a
mixture of:

one apple
three cloves of garlic
a piece of ginger similar in size to the cloves of garlic
a spoon full of mustard
2 twigs of rosemary (fresh)
2 twigs of thyme (fresh)

Put all of the above through a food processor and fill the
chicken. Put dried, powdered lemmon peel, herbes de provence,
salt and garlic on the outside of the chicken and put some
olive oil (I had some mixed with lime juice, so I used that)

Into the pan put a light coating of salted olive oil and some
more herbes de provence, washed and halved new potatoes and
of course the chicken on top of the potatoes.

Roast at 200 C for about 1 hour to 1 hour 10’, do not pre
heat the oven.