1) Satire is occasionally unpopular to the satirised.
2) Sanctimonious is a good word
3) Getting out before you get angry is wise.
4) Getting out after you get angry is still wise.
5) Don’t melt down in front of people who employ you.
6) You don’t get feedback on the things you care about. Care less or don’t post it.
7) “Ground floor” just means they’ll build the floors over you
8) They don’t actually care.
9) It isn’t necessary to care about your company to do your job.
10) Your instincts about what you’re going to find dull are usually right.
11) Rock band is fun.
12) Car alarms are not.
13) Your association of the word “Trigger” with “And he pulled the fastest milk-cart in the west” is going to get you into trouble. But not yet.
14) One liners travel faster than good writing.
15) People will aways feed the trolls.
16) People rock.
17) People suck.
18) There is an ISO standard for tea, and a US Mil. Spec for brownies.
19) People change for the better.
20) People change for the worse
21) Honesty will usually work better. In some circumstances, it will destroy what you’re doing.
22) It takes Virgin Media four months to send a cheque.
23) Sometimes you need a change of perspective for an old habit to be fun again.
24) The scism is useful.
25) No, really, leave before you snap.
26) The halifax don’t guarentee that you will recieve all your transactions in your chosen format.
27) Antagonists are hard.
28) Nobody recognises Eddie from Ohio lyrics.
29) Virgin media have no sense of irony, but their customer service software might,
30) Socratic dialogues with security software get 800% more feedback than original short stories
31) Just because you can do your job, and are doing it effectively, does not mean you are not redundant.
32) Again.
33) The tech industry is gradually destroying me.
34) I don’t want a permenant job making ad sites about cars.
35) Muslim garb has quite a large cross-section with “people wearing clothes”
36) Founding a company is quite easy.
37) It’s worth having a desk in a place that is not home.
38) Co-working spaces can get you contacts and possible future work.
39) Nanowrimo writers run out of words when presented with their ideal current wordcount to a within hundreth of a second
40) Really bad puns get the same number of items of feedback as socratic dialogues, though not as long.
41) Sometimes my brain is out to get me.
42) Sometimes my brain is out to warn me.
43) Telling apart these times can be hard.
44) Heating is useful in the winter.
45) I like learning new things.
46) I like setting my own schedule and working to it.
47) This too shall pass.
48) You are not allowed to refer to an NDA from a previous company as a Geas