The Fictional Town of Paddock Wood.

In the fictional town of Bedford Falls, it was Christmas Eve. In fact, in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, it was always Christmas Eve. - Grant Naylor, Red Dwarf: Better Than Life

Paddock Wood is the town in which I passed my reasonably miserable existance for the first eighteen or so years of my life, Before I got a girlfriend a social life and a house in Cambridge and then proceeded to lose them in reverse order.

I doesn’t change much at all, really. The shops rearrange, the people grow and shrink and the years pass, but the only time things actually change in Paddock Wood is when I return there. At this point, and within seconds of me stepping off the train there will be the demolishment of buildings, death, destruction and chaos, and even new things being built.

The only way I can rationalise this is that Paddock Wood exists in the same way places like Sunnydale do between seasons, that is that stuff happens, but nothing can ever change until the cameras are rolling again. Logically, this means that TFTOPW is fictional, and doesn’t exist while I’m not there.

This means that the people I know who live there, including my parents, brothers and few remaining friends from that area, don’t actually live there and are just lying to me to keep me from thinking that I’m living in a fictional world. Either that or they too are fictional and the phone calls I make and recieve are some strange thing, not to mention my memories and such…