So, it looks like I’m organising tEC8 then.


2004-09-03 - Updates

The list of people has been updated with all the information people have given me so far. With luck I’ll get around to phoning Saffron at some point…

2004-08-13 - Contact from Saffron

I’ve had an email from Saffron Walden, and I will be phoning them on Monday to find out the details. I’ve also added a link for people who have registered their interest.


  1. Find a youth hostel
  2. Find some dates (Proposed dates: 27\^th\^ to 30\^th\^ January 2005)
  3. Find the prices.
  4. Visit the hostel.
  5. Itterate 1-4 until happy
  6. Make sure enough people confirm to pay the deposit
  7. Pay the deposit
  8. Organise the meal
  9. Organise the food
  10. Be there

Youth Hostels

  1. Saffron Walden
    1. Holds 40,
    2. Is in Essex
    3. Looks nice from the photos
    4. Does “Rent a Hostel”
    5. No parking (But parking a little way away)
  2. Woody’s Top
    1. Only holds 22
    2. Far from anywhere
    3. Cheaper
    4. No central point
  3. Lincoln
    1. Holds 46 - a little big
    2. Does meals
  4. Great Yarmouth
    1. Well, yes.
    2. Holds 40
  5. Sherringham
    1. [Senji] can I add “real bitch to get to on public transport” to Sherringham ? It’s possible, but it takes almost three hours from Cambridge, which is nearby…
    2. Holds 100, probably a little big
    3. All mod cons
  6. Wells next to the sea
    1. Britian’s Best Beach
    2. Holds 32
    3. Does parking

(Should finish this at some point)

Personally I like Saffron, and have sent an email looking at prices, but that might fall down.