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I am not obessessed with tea. Accusing my of such is complete codswallop. I merely have…


About 10 types in the house (That’s English Breakfast, English Blend, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Russian Caravan, Black Cherry, Generic Green, Green Sencha, Elderflour & Strawberry and Misc Infusions Packet.) But I’m English and therefore it’s practically mandatory.

(I’ve noted that I didn’t include the pack of generic Tetley’s Teabags, but that’s because I’m a snob)

How to make Right Tea

Tea Leaves. Really, I mean this. Tea made right with tea leaves is several orders of magnitude better than teabag tea, which is made with the sweepings that are left when you make Real Tea leaves.

Draw fresh water. When you’ve got the shading right, put the kettle under the tap and turn the tap on. This works better if you open the lid of the kettle. When you have sufficient water in the kettle, turn the tap off and put the kettle on.

Yes, very funny. It doesn’t suit you.

Now plug it in and heat the water.

If you’re making tea for more than one person.

When it’s about halfway to boiling, wash out the teapot with some of the water. If you don’t have a teapot, come back when you’re willing to take this seriously.

Warning: Excessive Generalisation Ahead: put a spoon of tea for each cup and one ‘for the pot’.

Pour over the boiling (not boiled) water.

Put a tea cosy (or teatowel, or jumper) over the teapot and leave for about 5 minutes (Medium strength. Longer for stronger)

If you’re making tea for yourself.

I’ve got a little tea infuser thing into which I put tea and pour boiling water over. I recommend them.

Leave the cup to steep for a few minutes.


Then, add stuff. Personally, I add milk to tea, unless it’s EarlGrey, in which case I might add lemon instead. Some people will tell you that milk in Earl Grey is sacralige of some kind. Remember these words:

It’s your tea, do as you like.


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