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<Tasie> i’ve been feeling the urge to make some of grandma’s breakfast bread lately, but i can’t will myself to haul out everything and do it
<Tasie> mostly because the apartment’s a mess
Breakfast Bread?
<Tasie> it’s .. here, let me find the recipe
Baking’s usually good. I inherit from my mum a tenancy to bake when worried about something. When I moved out you couldn’t move at home for muffins, apparently.
<Tasie> Aq’n: then i’d definitely suggest you opt for baking instead of drinking. way healthier, assuming you don’t eat everything
<Tasie> let’s see, here, breakfast bread..

<Tasie> 2C flour, a packet of yeast, mix and set aside. .5C water, .5C milk, .5C lard, .25C sugar; heat until sugar and lard dissolve, cool five minutes, add to flour/yeast
<Tasie> mix well
<Tasie> add 2C flour and 2 eggs, beat until smooth
<Tasie> knead on floured board until shiny. oil two medum-sized loaf pans, put half of dough in each, set out to rise double. bake 375 for 35 minutes
<Tasie> done when the top is crusty
<Tasie> very delicious sliced thinnish and toasted with butter

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash