So, I did the Musical Meme Baton thing when Senji forwarded it on to me, and I’m now watching where it goes and how long until it escapes my world, and how long until it gets back in…

(Top level are people I passed it to, next level are people they passed it too, etc, “Not yet” means they haven’t passed the baton as of when I updated it (2005-05-18))

* Jill (Didn’t do it)
*** Mike (Didn’t pass it on)
*** Siggy
** Chris (Didn’t link to people)
Lorna (Didn’t do it)
** Anna (Didn’t pass it on)
Lindsey (Didn’t do it, or did it Friends Only)
** Laura (Didn’t link to people, and I can’t be bothered to research it at this point)
*** Mia (Didn’t pass it on)
** Iona (Not yet)
* Stephen
* Rory (Copped out. Bah)

Links left to follow:

(I have to follow the people these people linked to and add them to the above)