(From #lugradio on Freenode, Dec 29\^th\^ 05)

(There is a netsplit)

[Aquarion] SPLITTERS!
[Treenaks] Aquarion: ?
[Treenaks] Aquarion: you’re the splitter..
[Aquarion] Not from my POV
[Aquarion] By my screen you all split off from me
[Phated] Heh.
[Phated] Relativity, young lads!
[Aquarion] Yes, but that doesn’t stop y’all being spliters
[Phated] And it doesn’t stop you being a filthy liar AND a splitter.
[Phated] :D
[Treenaks] Phated: who are you? Einstein? :)
[Aquarion] :-P
[Aquarion] Einstein didn’t call people filthy liars
[Phated] He most certainly did. He accused God of not playing dice, didn’t he?
[Treenaks] Aquarion: maybe she’s his Evil Clone ?
[Phated] I’m not a clone, shush. :)
[Aquarion] God not only plays dice with the universe, he does it behind his screen and claims it was a critical hit.
[Phated] Aquarion: Exactly!
[Phated] Besides, clones are the same sex as their seed.
[GeeAyeJoe] the lord is a monkey
[Aquarion] Thus proving you are not Einstein.
[Treenaks] Phated: a mis-clone then?
[Phated] I never said I was Einstein.
[Aquarion] Indeed
[Aquarion] But Treenaks thinks your a clone now.
[Phated] Aye, but he asked if I were Einstein, and he was wrong then too.
[Aquarion] (There doesn’t seem to be anyone aroooound)
[Treenaks] Aquarion: maybe she was both Einstein and not Einstein until we asked
[Phated] I am not in a box, nor am I a cat.
[Aquarion] Are you sure?
[GeeAyeJoe] haha
[Phated] Well, now you’ve asked, I’m sure.
[Aquarion] Well, I’m not.
[Aquarion] For the sake of this argument, the Internet is a box, you see, because it stops us from directly observing you
[Treenaks] Aquarion: you just want her to turn on her webcam :P
[Phated] HEH
[Phated] Well, for the sake of this argument, once the cat’s meowed, you know it’s alive.
[Treenaks] Phated: no, you know it was alive at the moment it meowed
[Aquarion] Indeed. But the cat wasn’t the original argument. You introduced the feline to the equation
[Phated] Aye, true.
[Aquarion] You could still be Einstein
[Phated] But I am not Einstein, and no, I’m not turning on my webcam.
[Aquarion] On the internet, nobody knows that you’re a cat.
[Treenaks] Phated: no webcam?!
[Phated] On the internet, even a cat can’t type this quickly.
[Aquarion] Right, but are you not notEinstein?
[Phated] Treenaks: … Quite.
[Phated] Aquarion: I AM noteinstein.
[Phated] Hrrmph, you’d think it were a mortal sin to not have a webcam.
[Treenaks] Phated: for a woman? yes.
[Phated] That’s completely unfair, and untrue.
[Aquarion] We can’t prove this, you see. (The Einstein thing. Not the webcam thing)
[Bryn_S] right…
[Phated] But I can. Imagine if you had an observer IN the box with the cat. The cat’s state (or Einsteinity, as it were) could then be reported, even if the box remained sealed.
[Aquarion] Indeed
] Bryn_S adds a USB expansion card to his shopping list
[Aquarion] On the other hand, you don’t count as a reliable observer, since it is your claim we need to prove
[Aquarion] Or disprove, depending.
[Phated] (Amazing! Through this entire conversation, not one person’s used the word Schrodinger.)
[ChairmanMiaow] mmm spinach and brocolli soup
[Phated] No, it is NOT my claim, since it was Treenaks’s opinion.
[Aquarion] (Indeed. This is mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to look up the spelling :-P)
[Phated] I did not make a claim.
[pickle] ’morning
[Phated] (Heh. DUAL CHANNEL CONVERSATION [Aquarion] Yes, but it is you who is claiming otherwise [GeeAyeJoe] hr. schrödinger [Aquarion] [Incidentally, on the webcam thing, have you seen ?] [Phated] Aye, but if the cat claims to be dead, do you not then know that it isn't, in point of fact, dead? [Phated] [I don't believe so, let me take a look.] [Aquarion] It could be sleeping. Or resting, or pining for fjords. [Phated] If it's making any sort of claim at all, it clearly isn't dead. [Treenaks] Aquarion: Cool) :)
[Aquarion] And if it were the death of the cat that were the issue you would be right.
[Aquarion] But you could still be claiming you weren’t Einstein on IRC whether you were, or not, Einstein.
[Phated] [Heh.]
h|barbobot is Einstein
[Phated] Quite, but the fact is that Einstein would have won this argument by now. If I were Einstein, I would have sufficient intellect to have completely proven (or disproven) that I were (or were not) Einstein.
[*] h|barbobot is Einstein
[Phated] [That’s an excellent article.]
[Phated] [Or post. Whatever.]
[Treenaks] it all depends on which side of the netsplit you were, probably
[Phated] (Meow?)
] Darkside_Dave has quit (Nick collision from services.)
[Aquarion] Not necessarily. Einstein was crap at watercolours, for example. Proving his existence might have been one of his week points.
[h|barbobot] (too many brackets)
h|barbobot is Einstein
[Aquarion] [Article. Escapist is a good thing]
] southpole_dk is now known as Darkside_Dave
h|barbobot is now known as h|Einstein
[Aquarion] (Nah, brackets symbolise different strands of conversation)
[Phated] It’s not his existence that would be at stake. He exists/existed. This we know. His quality at watercolours, by virtue of having any value (even a very low one, ie. “was crap at”), indicates still that he existed.
] h|Einstein is the Father of modern physics
[pickle] so who’s going to strip the good lines out of this conversation and put it on the quotes page?
[Phated] Someone else. :)
h|Einstein ’s paintings are really good
[Phated] I can’t quote myself, ’twould be shameless.
[Aquarion] This is all true
] h|Einstein says art is subjective and to judge it otherwise would be foolish
[Aquarion] But you were proving your argument by virtue of the fact that if you were Einstein, you would have won by now.
[Phated] Aye, and I have not. Thus, I clearly am not Einstein.
[Aquarion] And it could be that Einstein just wasn’t very good at existential arguments
[Aquarion] isn’t, even.
mrben is now known as mrben_away
] h|Einstein wins the argument by the mere fact he is Einstein
[Phated] {Of course, my intellect could be such that I decided to argue that I wasn’t good enough to argue it, thereby winning the argument and thus, actually, BEING good enough to argue it. We come to an impasse.}
h|Einstein watercolors a quark
[Aquarion] {We do, but winning arguments by paradox is cheating}
[Aquarion] {And Einstein wouldn’t cheat}
] h|Einstein has a paradox named after him
[h|Einstein] poldosky and rosen too, but they dont count, i got my name first by beating them in a game of poker
[Phated] {Precisely. So, I’m either winning by virtue or paradox, thus cheating, thus proving I am not Einstein, or NOT winning it, because of the paradox, thus leaving the argument unsettled, but STILL proving that I am not einstein, because I would have won it without resorting to a paradox or cheating.}
[Phated] {s/or/of/}
[h|Einstein] can 2 einsteins exist in the same space time?
[Aquarion] {On the other hand, Einstein might have not minded cheating}
[Aquarion] {Who can say?}
[h|Einstein] if so, could they use the 2 sets of cards to beat others at poker?
[Aquarion] h|Einstein, Only in a netsplit
[Phated] {I don’t know, but I still haven’t won it, but none of you have, either.}
[h|Einstein] but netsplits are unpredictable
[Aquarion] So is cheescake
[h|Einstein] we must harness the netsplits to see its true power
[Aquarion] {This is indeed true. We appear to have taken the main argument into curly braces too, which probably means something or othher}
[Phated] If all coordinates of spacetime of the two Einsteins are exactly the same (arguably, ’in the same space time’), they’re technically each other.
[Treenaks] ’’’Or just quote it like this’’’
[Phated] {Hrm. I refuse to reach for my curly braces again. Let’s redominate
[GeeAyeJoe] haha
[h|Einstein] e=mc\^2
[h|Einstein] there proved it.
[h|Einstein] i win
[Aquarion] Okay, what are the letters in your famous equation, and what do they stand for?
[Phated] Oooh, go go Aquarion
[h|Einstein] energy mass and speed of light.
[Aquarion] Pah, schoolboy stuff. What do they mean?
[h|Einstein] what does anything mean?
[Aquarion] Everything.
h|Einstein is now known as h|socrates
[h|socrates] everything?
[Aquarion] Everything
[Treenaks] ;)
[h|socrates] every?
[h|socrates] thing?
[Phated] Ah, the etrix, truly the source of all.
[Phated] The source - and the deposit.
[Aquarion] [You’ll notice I can’t actually answer my own question without inadvertently proving myself to be Einstein, thus invalidating my own argument]
[h|socrates] Why?
[Phated] [Aye, wonderfully true - however, we haven’t actually settled the question of multiple Einsteins.]
[GeeAyeJoe] ein stein
[Aquarion] [Indeed. Hurrah. I can judge the answers without defeating myself!]
[h|socrates] didnt we solve that with the improbability drive?
[Treenaks] Phated, Aquarion: For all I know, you’re both the same person
[Phated] [Precisely.]
[h|socrates] who was the one who put down the teacup?
[Aquarion] You did.
[Aquarion] On the other hand…
[h|socrates] who am I?
] Aquarion sets mode -e Aquarion
You are now known as h|Einstein
[h|Einstein] Maybe I did
[h|socrates] who are we?
[h|Einstein] We are neither
[h|socrates] where is neither?
] Phated is now known as h|neither
Treenaks is now known as h|eisenberg
[h|Einstein] It is over there
[h|neither] We are all.
] h|eisenberg is now known as Treenaks
h|neither is now known as Phated
[GeeAyeJoe] just like the schizos you’re more than they believe
[h|socrates] wasnt Treenaks the cleverest?
[h|Einstein] [I think we’re beyond the scope of the qdb now]
[Phated] [Quite likely, yeah.]
[h|socrates] what arent we beyond the scope of?
[h|Einstein] Peri.