Sam-who-is-not-a-letter posted a survey. Since I’m in a meme~~type mood, I decided to answer it.
See also Barry’s Survey Thing \

  1. What is your favourite Cure song?: Um. Love Cats? Sunday I’m in Love? Yeah, Sunday. \
  2. If you had 00 right now, how would you spend it?: I’d be… Hmm. Almost exactly debt free. sigh \
  3. What is your favourite carnival ride or roller coaster?: The Waltzer at the local carnival. Mostly because I was 14 when I last rode it, and it was scary then. \
  4. If you had a band, what would it be called? Imperial Context. Not sure why. \
  5. If you could beat the shit out of one movie star, which would it be? Crikey, a little violent aren’t we? Leonardo Di’Caprico. On the basis that I’m british and therefore like queuing. \
  6. If you were to be locked in a room for the rest of your life and would only allow you to choose one song, but you had to listen to it on repeat until you died, which would it be? 4’33 \
  7. Which Winnie The Pooh character do you most identify with?: Rabbit \
  8. If you could live within the setting of one film, which would it be?: Hitchhikers :~~)

9. If you could own a famous car, anywhere from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to a Bond car, which would you choose?: The James Bond MG.

10. What would you say to George W. Bush if you were to meet him? “My, what awfully big Secret Service men you have.” And, if that wasn’t true, “What the flying fuck do you think you’re doing?”

11. What is your favourite one line joke?: “Two men were looking at shirts in a shop window. One says ‘That’s the one I’d get’, so cyclops comes round the corner and belts him one”

12. If you had to choose one place (that you’ve never been before) to live for a year, which place would it be?: New York.

13. Which is your least favorite state in the USA? Since the only one I’ve ever been to is Florida, I can’t really answer.

14. If you had to give yourself a new first and middle name, what would they be?: Mine.

15. What was the main object of your last nightmare?: Truth.

16. If you were given the opportunity of finding out the date of your death, would you like to know? Why or why not?: Nope.

17. If the United States military said that you either had to participate in a war for a year or go to jail for 10 years, what would you do?: a) Wonder why the fuck I’m being recruited by the US Army; b) ask if they want me on the geek section, and if so hope I don’t get bombed; c) Jail. I wouldn’t last five minutes.

18. Which is your favorite 80’s hair metal band?: No idea.

19. If you could make a pet out of any animal, which would it be?: A cat, or a dog. Something that wouldn’t mind being a pet, or doesn’t believe it is one.

20. If you could exist inside a video game for a day, which one would you want to be in?: City of Heroes. You’d be amazed how close I come…