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Recipes For Disaster

In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. (Carl Sagan)

Living as I do, it is occasionally appropriate to cook things lest I starve. One fairly quick look at me will convince the idle viewer that I am in no danger of doing that, and these are some of the ways I manage to do this.

My mum has a red binder full of recipes she's picked up from places over the years, and this is my equivalent of that.

Things marked "Recipish" are almost, but not quite, normal recipes. Somewhere between cookery and performance art, is probably the closest you'll get to a definition. Things with "Recipish" as a link afterwards are a link to the comedy version, whereas the wiki version is just a straight recipe. The comedy versions tend to give you more information on how I cook it, however. Mileage may vary. Even non-comedic versions will probably have notes and changes in.


Squire Meals




Just Desserts

Things of note & Stuff I've yet to try

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