The “raw.bml” file, which SubscribeMe uses to check to see if the page you are trying to subscribe to has LiveJournal syndication, doesn’t list all the syndication feeds, just the top 1000. Meaning it doesn’t work properly.

Also, the form to subscribe to/check a feed only accepts POST variables, so I can’t forward them there either.


[15:15] PerfDave: Use LiveJournal! :
[15:15] PerfDave: )
[15:15] Aquarion: The new one.
[15:15] * Aquarion hits PerfDave with a stick.
[15:15] Aquarion: Nobody should use LiveJournal.
[15:15] Aquarion: At all.
[15:16] schwuk: Now Hula ( is using mediawiki, and looks a DAMN sight better
[15:16] schwuk: WTF is livejournal?
[15:16] Aquarion: It should be destroyed, crushed, buried at the bottom of the ocean and stamped upon by people wearing diving suits.
[15:16] PerfDave: schwuk: It's a blogging service for people who CBA to run their own server.
[15:16] PerfDave: schwuk: Also provides photo hosting, phone posts and other services.
[15:16] Ghworg: But were would the teenage girls tell the world what they had for breakfast then?
[15:17] Ghworg: s/were/shere/
[15:17] Ghworg: Grr, s/shere/where/
[15:17] Aquarion: Opendiary.
[15:17] PerfDave: Deadjournal! :)
[15:17] Aquarion: No!
[15:18] Xalior: If you think livejournal is bad, check out deadjournal
[15:18] Xalior: Heh! :)
[15:18] Ghworg: Is it a journal for goths?
[15:18] Aquarion: My problem with LJ isn't the people who use it, it's the technology
[15:20] PerfDave: What's wrong with the technology? It's all OSS :)
[15:21] Aquarion: It's the fact that it syndicates aqcom, lets people comment on it, and won't allow anyone to admin those comments
[15:21] Aquarion: Then syndicates it _again_ and won't delete the secondary account.
[15:22] PerfDave: That's a known bug and is being addressed currently. That's hardly a reason to want to destroy the entire service.
[15:22] Xalior: PerfDave: Oh, I dunno :)
[15:23] Aquarion: That they created a special prefix for all syndication accounts when they founded the site, then ignored it, so that syndicated sites pollute the namespace
[15:23] Aquarion: But worst of all, the terminology that someone can't be your _real_ friend unless they _also_ have an LJ account.
[15:26] PerfDave: Of course not. Only losers don't have LJ accounts.
[15:26] Aquarion: This isn't quite so bad now as it was when they required the invite codes