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Talk to me not about life.

Speak to me of troubles, and dealing with the wife

Sing to me of happyness, Blips in our existance

Lie to me of the “nights in” with beautiful twin sisters

Whisper to me stories of knights both strong and brave

Shout aloud denouncements of the evil and of knaves

Laugh to me the comic, the relief from all the fights

Sigh to me the love-nest, and lonly winters nights.

Trill to me the tunes of birds, Howl the wolfpack’s song.

Scream to me eternal pain - the loss that makes you strong.

Declaim the newest tales of the hero’s big return!

Pronounce to me the spells that will cause the king to burn.

Tell me of the stories full of heros, lovers, strife!

But never introduce me to the hell of real life.

— Nicholas Avenell 13/04/2001

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash