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Alexander Clouter wrote:

Back on track, I threw even more material at him and it looks like something might of twigged in his head that its probably a Good Idea™ to read this stuff I keep sending him (and the other minions).

We regularly advertise computer-related support jobs and receive hundreds of applications. Almost as regularly we have to re-advertise because not one of the applications is from someone who shows even the slightest indication of knowing what the fsck a computer is.

1. An Xbox is not a “computer”\

  1. A PC is not a “computer”\
  2. Halo is not a “computer”\
  3. A laptop is not a “computer”\
  4. An Apple is not a “computer”

See that array of big blue boxes over there? No, not that array of big blue boxes. Over to the left, with all the pretty flashing lights and the heat haze. Yes. The one which covers about 300 square metres.


Everything else is a mere abacus.

Geoff Lane
Good programs don’t just happen.