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Map to Catrion Towers

So we moved to Reading, because there looked to be techy type jobs in Reading, and those were what I was looking for. We were assisted in this by a letting agency rejoicing the wonderful name of Vanderpump & Wellbeloved.

Eventually I found a job in London working for BrowserAngel.

Our time in Reading is not really one of the high points of my life. I don’t really like Reading much, mostly because of the flat we were living in.

The kitchen was tiny, and the roof leaked.

This was a downstairs flat, so the reason the roof leaked was because the squatters upstairs (Did I mention there were Squatters upstairs? We originally chose the upstairs flat, but were told our rent offer was too low, so when we moved into the downstairs one the flat was infected with Squatters) had stolen the washing machine that came with the house, and had failed to unplumb it properly.

So our ceiling was leaking.

By the time we moved out (That was June, we moved out in Feb the following year) the ceiling in the kitchen was going mouldy, the house looked like it was about to be demolished (They had boarded up the front door and all the upstairs windows (which lead to the upstairs flat) and parcel delivering people couldn’t see the side door), our bikes had been stolen, and I was generally wishing I’d stayed in Cambridge. LoneCat got a job in Letchworth so we moved there.

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Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash