Recipes - Mac & Cheese

two large saucepans, a casserole dish or pie dish, lots of cut macaroni,
lots of cheese (ideally Cheddar AND Lancashire), a red pepper and a green
pepper, some mushrooms, mustard, one tin of mushroom soup

while the macaroni cooks in one pan, chop a load of the mushrooms and
soften them in a little butter or olive oil…add the mushroom soup to the
mushrooms and grate in a load of cheese (the Cheddar) and optionally add
some diced pepper…put a dollop of mustard in the sauce and stir in
thoroughly…when the cheese is mostly melted and the pasta cooked, drain
the pasta and add it to the sauce (the other way round means more
difficult washing up)…put the mixture into the casserole dish (I
generally get enough for two small casserole dishes and a large one, I
don’t have any pie dishes)…grate some cheese on top (Lancashire is
best), scatter some chopped pepper across it…slice a few of the
mushrooms and use the slices to make pretty patterns on top of your

put in the oven at circa gas mark 5 for 30 minutes if cooked immediately,
45 minutes if it’s been in the fridge a day or two…if it’s dried out in
the fridge then add a dash of milk on top before cooking

celery can be substituted for the mushrooms as long as that includes
substituting the soup

macaroni cheese can be glorious as long as you remember it’s an
Anglicisation of Italian baked pasta dishes, and you ditch all the
Anglicised aspects except the type of cheese…because we’re bloody good
at cheese