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Rescued from Random’s Journal, but the recipe is Jen’s

You could try Ma Delaney’s special lettuce soup. Very simple.

Make your soup with a potato base for thickening - basically, chop an onion finely, fry it. Add in diced raw spud. Add in the stock, and when the potato is cooked enough for pureeing, add in the leaves of lettuce (or spinach in your case).

Add the leaves straight in to the boiling/simmering stock, and give it about one minute - until they’re only par-cooked. Then take it off the heat and run it through a blender on coarse setting.

Absolutely delicious in summer if you keep the potato content low (use plain green lettuce, not iceberg) and can be served hot or cold. In colder weather, up the potato content, and you just get a gorgeous flavour on a hearty soup.

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Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash