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Places I’ve Lived - London

I quit my job in Bedford with no further plans, which is not the most responsible thing I’ve ever done. After my goodbye party with Evolving, I spent the weekend with Mr Cooke with whom I lived in Cambridge, who mentioned that the company he was working for was looking for web developers. I went in on Monday, still wearing the suit I’d spent my last day at Evolving in, got called for a second interview on Wednesday, and started the following Monday.

This caused something of a accommodation problem, because I didn’t want to commute from Bedford, so I ended up crashing with my friend Sian in her shared house, and since they had a spare room, I agreed to move in to Smoothyville with Sian, Marta and Mike. A while later I got my own place in the form of Keldaby, and me and fyrheafoc needed a place for both of us, we moved to Fyrion Towers.

!(inlineRight)!: I really like living in London. I live on the north end of Hackney, and behind the monitors I’m looking at, I can see the green fields of Hackney Marshes (Which is where the Nike Parklife video was shot. You can see my block of flats in the background at 0:35) and from the balcony I can see the olympic stadium all the way round past the Dome to the London Eye. Well, that’s why I like my flat. I like London because there’s people, and places, and history, and shops that will sell me more tea at 3am, and life and building and jam and little tiny parks just big enough to hold a bench.


Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash