Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion

First thoughts

Okay. It’s an evolution from Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It’s still very much a Chris Sawyer game, and if you’ve ever played either Transport or Rollercoaster Tycoon you’ll be right at home with the interface, which is the same but slightly slicker.

Changes from TTDX:

  • Trams
  • Click to lay has gone, replaced with the “add a bit to the end” interface you used to build Rollercoasters.
    • This is good, because laying track is now a matter of “What comes next”, but laying long streaches of straight track is more difficult.
    • OTOH, building bridges and tunnels is much easier
  • Snow line in “UK” scenario is a bit low…
    • Oooh! It moves during summer, and the farm output increases
    • Still a bit low though
  • No more train depots, trains vehicles now start from wherever you want. Interface for this is simple, but slightly broken.
    • Clicking on the track when in “Route” mode adds to the route
    • Clicking on track in the “View” mode places the train
    • Though it does mean trains can be edited at any time.
    • Still can’t tell it to drop coaches it isn’t using though
  • No more “Giant Screenshot”. Boo.
    • But can whack resolution up to 1600*Whatever and snap a normal shot.
  • Still got the chocolate-box/model-railway-ness. Good.
  • less sure on the “two types of road” thing. Junctions between dirt roads and normal roads can cause routing problems
  • Tutorials still non-interactive
  • Trams nice.
  • More on the dirt roads:
    • Watching the town upgrade its internal roads is nice.
  • Can’t bribe the council anymore.
  • Speed upgrades good, and town-internal bus-stations (Bus stops are now stops on the road, rather than all being depots) (Depots are in as well)
  • “Quality” is given in , but of what?