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Biography - Places I’ve Lived - Letchworth

Map to Casarufus

I moved into Casarufus with LoneCat in early 2004 while I was working for BrowserAngel. Shortly afterwards I ceased to be employed for three months, then was, then wasn’t again, and finally began to work for Evolving Media in October 2004.

Casarufus is one of the nicest houses I’ve ever lived in. It had a garden, and a spiral staircase, and cats who would wander though the living room and play on the staircase. Because I may be a bit of a geek, I modeled it in The Sims at one point.

The state of having all of a place to live, a person to live in it with, and a job to pay for all the above lasted a record breaking four and a half months until reality asserted itself and I lost the girlfriend.

We lived together amicably (Me and LoneCat, that is) for a few months until she got an offer for a house nearer work that she couldn’t really refuse.

I looked for, and found, a flat in Bedford and moved out in December.

Letchworth is one of the places I was both happiest and most depressed. It’s was an odd year.

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Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash