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I went to Cambrige earlier this month. Was it just over a week ago? Yes, I suppose it was.

I was conviced, by the cunning use of rational arguments and hugs, to try LARP. And now, I LARP.

LARP stands for “Live Action Role Play”, and basically is roughly the same as D&D, GURPS or whatever, with the trivial and minor difference that instead of sitting around a table pretending to hit things with swords, you stand in the middle of a muddy field hitting things with swords, in costume, while speaking in a strange dialect.

And yes, it’s fun.

My LARP stuff tends towards being unhere. Character stuff is either on the Group site for stuff I don’t mind the world knowing, or on the Sekret Unseen Wiki for stuff you shouldn’t know, or the diary I try to keep on The Hero Diaries.

Character bios will probably happen here, though:

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash