Age: 23

Justin is a bard. He was trained in London by the locally famous “Jackson” as a replacement, to keep the money flowing in when Jackson was too old to play. Jackson and his wife brought Justin up in the three small rooms of their London home, which he never left. Jackson felt that another bard on the streets of Aquitaine - esspecailly one trained by himself - would further dilute the marketplace in which he was trying to earn a living. Also, this gave him the opertunity to one day make a great show of his retirement whilst producing his heir. Justin was discovered on a road near to where Monrroyo was founded, and brought to Aquitaine where he was sold to Jackson. He doesn’t know all of this, just that Jackson wasn’t his father, and that he was found in this area.

Justin is of stable temprement, most of the time. He is a difficult person to get angry, generally likeable and friendly, right up until the point where you attempt to stop him leaving. His eventual departure from London two years ago was after the first manifestation of this fury, when he brained Jackson with a lute (Jackson’s wife had passed away some years before) and ran off. Since then (about two years ago) he has been wandering over europe working as an entertainer. He’s currently wandering towards Monrroyo. Brownian motion has brought him into the vacinity, and Magic Sensitivity is attracting him to the convent (He doesn’t know he’s magically sensitive, he hasn’t encountered much magic, as far as he knows there’s just something in his head that points him this way). He’s aware that Magi have been known to sponsor a resident bard, so he’s heading in that direction. If nothing else, it’s something new.

He hasn’t owned a lute since he left Aquitaine, but he has learnt to carve a basic flute (which he can also play). His singing was never his strong suit, though he can just about do so, but his first love is storytelling. He has learnt to hunt with a bow enough to not starve. Some villages tend to see a visiting outsider as a way to get an external view of events, and help judge a situation, so Justin has learnt some of the complexities of Intrigue to see his way though the stories, and make stories himself.


Justin is slightly above average height, thin and with thin light brown hair that tends to resist any attempt to tame it. His face, again, is thin, his eyes are ice blue. His clothes are patched and hidden under a cloak whose original colour has been obscured by patch upon patch of bright material, most of which has been darkened by the dust of the road. He speaks with an air of confidence beyond his years, and people tend to find themselves listening to his voice when they don’t realise it. His hands are delicate and quick over the holes of a wooden flute never far from his fingertips. He was probably clean-shaven a week or so ago, too.



(+0) Wanderer +1 Troupe Upbringing +1 Magic Sensitivity (Doesn’t know) +2 Enchanting Music +2 Latent Magical Ability –1 Oversensitive (out of tune music) –1 Dark Secret –1 Terror (Heights) –3 Fury —— ———————————–



Int +1 following logic Per +1 predicting logic Str 0
Sta –1
Pre +1 storytelling Com +2 exposition Dex +1 Quick fingering Qik +1 As above —– —- ——————

Most of his characteristics come from being a storyteller & musition, lightness and sureity of touch is mostly musical.


Skill Level Cost English 2 3 Bows 2 3 Hunt 1 1 Play (Lute) 3 6 Play (Flute) 4 10 Craft (flute) 3 6 Sing 1 1 Storytelling 4 10 Intrigue 3 6 Total: 46 ————— ——– ——


Calm **+
Worldly +
Experience of magic —