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09:50 [ Garath] I have to wonder *why* I ended up discussing dipping girls in 
                chocolate with my father, uncle and grandmother, but there you 
                have it.
09:50 [ Pufferfish] Oh.
09:50 [ Pufferfish] Um, well, if you want, I volunteer ;)
09:50 [ Apache] Aquarion: But... it is hard to organise a time otherwise...
09:50 [ BPMaz] Oh, arranging an audition is more effort.
09:50 [ Aquarion] Er, by email? Or a series of emails in conversation form?
09:50 [ BPMaz] Maybe they were just casually poking for more information?
09:51 [ Apache] Aquarion: But that's a pain :(
09:51 [ Pufferfish] you always complain about people not sending you emails ;)
09:51 [ Garath] Pufferfish: I will definitely bear that in mind :p
09:51 [ Apache] Pufferfish: That's because I send out loads which mostly need 
                replies, and I get fewer replies than I expect, and there's no 
                easy way of remembering which ones I've sent need replies.
09:51 [ Pufferfish] I might be quite hard to dip- I'm fairly heavy.
09:52 [ Apache] There should be a "you expect a reply to this in (x)days" 
                button, that gives you a little warning when you haven't got a 
09:52 [ Aquarion] Actually, that's a really good idea
09:52 [ Pufferfish] ooh, that would be quite cool
09:52 [ Garath] Pufferfish: I'm sure that if we had the requisite vat of 
                chocolate, something could be arranged.
09:52 [ Apache] Aquarion: I will get to google on it.
09:53 [ Pufferfish] I expect so.
09:53 [ Pufferfish] but a harness would be *so* undignified.
09:53  * Aquarion adds it to the list of Things To Do When Aquarion Has Hackery 
09:53 [ Apache] Aquarion: Wasn't there a "next big thing" competition they were 
09:53 [ Apache] It's not exactly a big thing, though.
09:54 [ Aquarion] Yeah, it would be good, but Google would put it in gmail, and 
                  I want it in mail.app and Thunderbird.
09:54 [ Apache] also: http://osteele.com/words/aargh
09:54 [ Apache] Aquarion: Then ask those people.
09:54 [ Apache] I like my gmail.
09:54 [ Aquarion] I don't need to, both of them are scriptable. As is gmail, to 
                  some extent.
09:55 [ Aquarion] You could make it poke something directly into google calendar
09:55 [ Aquarion] (or iCal/Sunbird/whatever, depends on platform)
09:55 [ Aquarion] Hmm.
09:56 [ Aquarion] *fx: Aquarion's head becomes transparent and you see cogs 
                  turning within*
09:56 [ Apache] Aquarion: ooh ooh make it for meee