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From January 31^st^ 2007 to December 18^th^ 2008 I worked for Hotxt, later renamed Trutap, leaving when the company layed off almost all staff due to lack of funding.

Trutap was one of the best companies I have worked for, it was friendly and extremely social, the business itself was open and honest and there is nobody I worked with there that I would not gladly work with again. The Trutap product we produced was easy to use, technically accomplished, and the back-end systems well ordered and coded.

The website suffered from a number of problems, mostly stemming from a confusion within as to what we ever actually wanted to do on the web site, apart from sign up new users for the product. We always planned to do a full web version of the interface, but timing issues with launch led to it being temporarily dropped because we simply didn’t have time to implement the backend calls, and it never reached the priority needed to have much time assigned to it. There isn’t really anyone at fault, it was just that the direction the company went in did not need an advanced website, except for in gaining new users. So we ended up with the most advanced coded static website on the planet.

I hope that they secure more funding, that the product succeeds, and that I stay in touch with as many people who want to do so. But now, on to Doof.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash