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From This thread about the CoV/CoH PvP event

So, this was my evening. It was, in general, a blast.

The event was due to start at about 2am local time, so I spent the hour beforehand sitting in /broadcast in Mercy educating folks and folklets who could neither use a watch or read the boards. Logged out at ten to two, logged into the new server (For future reference, if you’re going to open a special server for the beta event if there’s any technology you could use to have that server have a different name so we know what’s going on, please use it).

Created a instahero (Guessed heroes would be outnumbered by Villains in the event, didn’t reckon on the tutorial not being disabled for them. That was probably a mistake too) and spent the next hour and a half waiting for Statesman, and logging in and out again. In fact, I went a did a couple of my missions while I did so, just for something to do…

Last critique of the running of the event, If we’re waiting on the servers for something to happen and it’s taking absolutely ages, posting status updates to the boards isn’t immediately as helpful as a Voice Of God broadcast, even if the VoG broadcast just tells us you’re on the issue, or even to look at the update on the board. We felt ignored. Fortunately we could express our annoyance by using the new “protest” em, and the holding of torches. No… wait…

Anyway, Statesman arrived eventually and we pottered up to get our free XP and then train up. Training up was hard, because there was only one Trainer and at a rough estimation a hundred thousand million heroes gathered around her. It was like being at a movie premire, without the rope cordon. Oh, and with being shoved out of the way by a gigantic man in pink nappy standing on your head.

I digress.

Eventually I entered Sirens Call. Sirens Call is a wonderful thing, it looks both CoHy and CoVy at the same time. I wasn’t terribly happy I’d taken Superspeed, but then I’m a moron who should have thought it through better.

The actual play was fun. I joined a team, found out they were in Steel Canyon ([censored]?) and left again, and then spent the next hour or so running from hotspot to hotspot blasting PvE and PvP alike. It was Fun, and cool. And also laggy, but you know that. I got stalkered, but not one-shotted, which was good (I was a Blaster, so it was something of an issue). I even got my Bounty Target once, which was cool, but only with other peoples’ help. Damage seemed to be light, in fact, though my powers were slotted, it still wasn’t possible for me to even take out a mastermind, or even slightly dent it, whereas Villains seemed to be able to take out dirty great chunks of my hitpoints.

Anyhue, it was a blast, and I look forward to playing it on a lighter loaded server at some point when it isn’t 3am :-)