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So, what happened?

Just in case BA didn’t aquire more funding, I started putting out feelers for a job starting when funding closed. MSB (Who have my details on file from one of the previous job-seeking things) happened to come up with a role at about the right time. I interviewed for it one day after work, and the rest is economics.

So you’re abandoning BrowserAngel?

I’m leaving them, yes. I’ll still be on-board technically, since I wrote most of the UI code and dropping someone into the unholy mix of PHP, DHTML & SQL that I’ve applied would be mean. This is not because I think the company is falling apart - I don’t believe it is, though I wasn’t sure two months ago - but because Evolving is leading my career closer to things that I want to be doing in the future (I’ve expressed my dissatisfaction with PHP before, and Evolving is mostly a Python shop). If I thought BA was sinking, I wouldn’t be advertising my job on Aquarionics, no matter how much they asked me.

Yeah, what’s up with that?

BrowserAngel is doing things to do with connecting things to other things, weblogs are a part of that, and so it was deemed a Good Idea for the first call for possible recruits to come via a weblog. Since I’m the only one in the company who runs one currently, that’s me. Besides, it’s me you’re replacing.

You mentioned Windows Admin. Sounds ikky.

Mostly it’s the Linux side of it. All our services run on Debian/Linux servers (Samba & CUPS, mostly) with no centralised login system (One day I keep meaning to drag it all over to LDAP) and the server side stuff of the actual project runs on LAMP, but all of the desktops are either OSX or WinXP, so you might have to get that running.

Project management stuff?

Mostly Bugzilla & CVS and a large Gant chart.

Is it a good place to work?

Yes. It’s a good team, and I’ll be sad to leave it.

So how could you?

They drove a dump-truck full of money up to my house! I’m not made of stone.(Yes, it’s a Simpsons Quote)

Who are “they” in the above?