I own several computers, this is an attempt to keep track of them:

House Machines


  • Cenote is a virtual linode box. It’s a playground semiprofessional hosting service..
  • Cenote has a News Page and even [[Terms of Service|cenoteTermsOfUse]]
  • Archipelago is a hosting server hosted by Hezner, hosting Aquarionics, Istic.Networks &

Other active machines

  • Waterwheel - My windows/Linux Work laptop, owned by istic.networks
  • Pond - an iPad 2
  • Delta - an iPad Air
  • Cirrus - A Galaxy SIII
  • Oasis - a netbook, almost entirely dead and replaced by Pond & Mirage
  • Fjord is a rack mounted server that never got used much,


  • DeliriumDesire / Reef
  • Sacrifice / Atoll - my old server (I reused the name for the Hetzner server)
  • Mirage was a 15" G4 PowerBook running Tiger. It’s shiny dying dead
  • BoilingPoint (an ex-firewall)
  • Nemo (An ancient laptop) currently being used as a very small coffee table, and isn’t good at that either (It’s only about two inches high).
  • Maelstrom - my 2005 desktop, now given away.
  • Tsunami my 2007 main desktop then is now fyrheafoc’s, then the media server ScryingPool,
  • Cloudburst my 2009 desktop fyr’s 2012 desktop. Partly repurposed into Byrm
  • Thundersnow - My 2012 desktop, Partly repurposed into Byrm
  • Fjord was my second hosting server, replaced by Atoll
  • Atoll was a hosting server hosted by Hezner, hosting Aquarionics, Istic.Networks & Replaced by Archipelago
  • Hydroelectric - My internal name for whatever my main work desktop is.
  • Lagoon was a Zotec Zbox AD03 blu-ray. used mostly as a media server. Died of secure boot compatibility


  • Pocketwatch - an HTC Desire, now an alarm clock
  • Pocketbook - an iPhone 3S
  • Atlantis - an iPhone 4S
  • Nimbus - an iPhone 5S