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These are comics that, for whatever reason, I’ve stopped reading on my Daily List.

You can find the current List at this page: Comics, which generates a list of comics to read today from the Comics Data page. (You’ll need to click the “a” at the end of the comics list to show all comics, not just the ones for today)


Permenant Hiatus

Read occasionally in big gulps

  • Domanic Deegan (A better weekly/monthly/storylinely comic than a daily one)
  • Gaming Guardians etc. (The universe is huge! and wonderful! And too epic to read one day at a time!)

Given up on, might come back

(Below Here marks the Great Purge of Dec 2005)

  • Aikida (I see you drifting… away…)
  • Bunny (Again with the less random, more funny)
  • Ctrl-alt-del (Not quite as good as PA, and even more self indulgant)
  • Diesel Sweeties (…yeah, we’ve done that joke now)
  • Girls with Slingshots (Lost)
  • Midnight Macabre Gold Dream“: (Please! WRITE MORE, DAMNIT!)
    * ”Real Life“: Real Life was better when he didn’t have one, regretably.
    * ”Losers“: (Oh look, another hiatus)
    * ”Wapsi Square": (… please go somewhere)