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My Heroes

I play City of Heroes quite a lot. These are the characters I tend to play. They are all on Virtue (I play on the US servers, because I’ve had my account since before it was released over here) When I get around to it the intertwining story of Rayne and Shape is told in their journals.

I briefly moved all my heroes over to the EU servers so I’d be on at the same time as the rest of the world. This didn’t work, so I’m back on Virtue.


My Primary character:

Raynebow is an Energy/Ice blaster. On the left you can see his secret identity. Rayne sees colours instead of shapes, and isn’t very good at the whole ‘Secret Identity’ thing.

Spiraling Shape

’Shape is a Broadsword/Regeneration Scrapper. He has a secondary costume

(Shape has a girlfriend called “Frozen Hart” from back before he became a hero. He has no idea she’s also become a hero and has come to Paragon to find him. She’ll get put up here at some point)


Pixelin is a Kinetic/Healer Controller with Teleportation powers. Mostly he’s a team-only character (Can’t really do missions on his own, can’t do the damage).

Robin Hoode

With the latest issue Crypic added the Archery skill set. I created Robin to play around with it. I am not alone in this. (Robin is an Archery/Devices Blaster)


I also have a Tank - Firenice - another Blaster - Frozen Hart, mentioned above - and a Dark/Mental (I think) Defender called Darker Thoughts, all on Virtue. I hang around #LiveJournal on the global chat as @Raynebow.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash