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About the current design

On the 27^th^ December 1999 I registered "": though "Pennyhost":, a company who are now dead.

Since then the site has gone though 10 Major redesigns, hundreds of minor ones, five major rethinks, four technology changes (HTML, SSI, Klide, Epistula), Three four hosting companies (From Pennyhost to "Beehost":, and eventually to the current home at "Geekstuff": and most recently my own server cenote, Two platforms (Pennyhost was on Windows/IIS, Everything since has been Linux/Apache) and all with only one owner. Me.

Alhough it had been running as a weblog since Febuary 2000, it wasn't until 2002 that the site really picked up popularity, when I launched the "Epistula Syndication Format": to acclaim, fights and destruction. Since then a sucession of bits of Real Life and Jobs taking up much of my time has lead to the readership dwindling away somewhat.

It's a bit of a mess, all told. Ten years of archives is a fuck of a lot of data to be accessible, plus articles, stories and various projects mean that some of the site (Top 5 in the original though to Forever today) has got lost, purely because putting all the various bits in the navigation makes the site difficult to navigate. Lots of stuff just gets dumped in "Misc" and never seen or heard from again.

Originally, it was HTML. Then it was SHTML. Then it was K^3^, a custom built CMS that sucked. For six years it was powered by Epistula, but now it's all Wordpress, because I don't have time to maintain my own CMS anymore.

(I haven't learnt my lesson from this, incidentally. I've dumped Epistula, but now I'm working on Plank, a custom PHP framework. Frameworks are the new CMS)

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