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!(inlineRight) picture of Aquarion)!: My name is Nicholas Avenell, I run websites and write things. Generally, the name I take online is Aquarion - I have never seen the Anime of that name, and was using the name before they were anyway, so neh. Also, I’ve never even been a customer of the water company.

I live in London (The one in England, Internationalisation fans), having moved here in early 2007 chasing a job for trutap. Before I got here, I moved [[from city to city on a yearly basis|places I’ve lived]], but now I appear to move around in London. Currently, that’s a nice little flat with my girlfriend in Bounds Green.

I work as a Developer, specialising in process management and web applications. I’ve done that for [[a lot of people you’ve never heard of|PlacesIveWorked]]

I have a personal journal site at, and a site tracking my every move on it at I have a wiki for putting random stuff on (this is that), and various writing sites. I own a company which I use for my hosting and contracting roles, which is Istic.Net, which is a good place to start if you want to hire me.

In my spare time, which isn’t a lot, I play computer games, roleplaying games, write websites, write fiction and also both play and help run LARP events. I used to count Archery and canoeing as hobbies, but I’d be shot for trades descriptions, given I haven’t gotten around to either for a long time. Despite the above, I’m not actually single, which is a shock.

My ten year plan involves saving lots of money, quitting IT, writing a novel and becoming rich enough to afford a house in London. This has been a ten year plan for the last five years or so, unfortunately.

I can be found, generically, Online. If you want specific places you can find me online, the Project Walrus page has a list of all my accounts everywhere. I have a tendency to live life in public, which has almost gotten me fired twice now.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash