AqWiki is the software that runs this wiki. I write it, and as I write, I’m the only person who uses it. You might be interested in AqWikiHistory.

AqWiki is developed from this subversion repository

Things I Have To Do Before I Release AqWiki 1.0:

  • Authentication
  • Separate data layer from program
  • Fix search function to not require subqueries
  • MidAir Collisions
  • AqWikiSpinlock to see if a page is being edited
  • Convert Wiki config files to ini format
  • Write installation instructions
  • Use fulltext instead of LIKE
  • Move Macros to classes
  • emergency template override
  • List of banned URLS (WikiSpam)

Things I Want AqWiki To Do:

  • Support databases other than MySQL
  • Not require a database at all (flatfiles)
  • XML-RPC interface
  • XML Export
  • XML Import
  • Locked individual pages
  • [Khendon] AqWiki should have RSS feeds of diffs, I reckon :-)
    • Well, it does RSS feeds now (2004-08-13)
  • Find a revolutionary new way of dealing with wikiSpam
  • Redirect to correct case of pages, not just wikis
  • Admin stuff:
    • Delete page
    • Edit template?
  • Conflict detection
  • Conflict resolution
  • Revert to previous revision

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