(Draft of new Aquarionics About section)

Who the hell are you?

My name is Nicholas ‘Aquarion’ Avenell. You killed my father, prepare to die.

Obviously, you didn’t. My dad is still - as far as I am aware - alive and living in Kent. I am not, I currently reside in Paddock Wood Cambridge Reading Letchworth Garden City in Kent Cambridgeshire Berkshire Hertfordshire , deep in the English wilderness. Here I intend to stay for a while, as the strucken text indicates, I’ve moved a lot recently.

I’m male, early twenties, Live with my girlfriend LoneCat, look something like the photo to the right and my hobbies include reading, writing, websiting, cooking, listening, computer games and designing things to put things into databases and take them out of them, which is also my vocation. My aim in life is to find a job doing the inital or latter two for fun and profit.

What the hell is Aquarionics?

This is Aquarionics, the website I’ve been running for the past half decade, more or less. It started of on the 1\^st\^ January 2000 as a place to put various subsites (including a Black & White Fansite, the Sunderland University Gaming Soc pages, a more general gaming site). Later my diary also began to appear (Beginning as “This is what I’ve done to the site today”, leading to “This is why I haven’t done anything today” and eventually to “This is my life”, where it’s remained to this day) and the other sections began to fall by the wayside. Five years later, it’s more or less a place for me to put whatever I want to put up, from articles on the state of the nation, though to poems on the subject of relationships, recipies, entire projects and basically my thoughts and feelings on life, the universe, and everything.

For the first couple of months of its life, AqCom ran on straight HTML (With Server Side Includes. Prior to being Aquarionics.com - while it was merely my home site on BTInternet - it went from flat HTML to Javascript navigational includes to the SSI) but I soon discovered Blogger and it ran on that until mid 2001, when I moved over to my own system “Klide” (Klide Links In Diary Entries) with “Klind” and “Kewl” (Klind Links In Node Data and Kewl’s Excessivly Wonderful Links) running the “articles” and “recently seen” type pages.

In August 2002 I took down the site for what became three months (Officially for the final month) to completely rewrite the increasing baroque K\^3\^ system as something a lot neater and cooler, which eventually became Epistula[2] (K\^3\^ being effectivly retconed into being Epistula 1) which is a modular CMS framework written in PHP backing on to MySQL. Eventually I’ll release it, but the source code is - and always has been - available. We came back in December 2002 and have been running on an increasingly sophisticated version of Epistula since.

What the hell is istic.net?

It’s a place where stuff goes. Specifically stuff that’s getting lost in under the weight of half a decade of adding things to Aquarionics.


The Aquarionics and Istic.net empires are run from “Tsunami” - an Athlon 1.8ghz WinXP/Ubuntu duel booting desktop, “Aziraphale/Crowly” - a Pentium III WinXP/Debian Laptop (Crowly when in linux, obviously), “Atoll” - a Debian (Testing) general and staging server, and eventually on “sneaky” - A Gentoo box owned by pol and hosted by Jump Networks in Telehouse Docklands.