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About Aquarion | About Hol.istic | [[About Aquarionics|Aquarionics]] | About is about the InterConnectness of All Things. It’s my brain dumping ground and place to put things. It’s a wiki.

blue links are internal wiki links, Black, underlined links are external links. Links enclosed in querys are entries I haven’t written yet, and may never. is run on aqWiki which relies on Apache, Linux, PHP and MySQL.

The banner photo was taken by Kevin Conners, was downloaded from MorgueFile, and is of the Atomium Building in Brussels.

The icons are taken from the Silk Icon set, which is free. Yay free.

You might be asking [[Why is Holistic a Closed Wiki?|WhyIsHolIsticAClosedWiki]], and one day I hope to answer that question reliably.

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash