Tabletop Games I Want To Run

In Progress

[Torg] The Excessions of Doctor Eviternity

Pulp-action save the world in Torg Eternity's reality-incursion based multiversal system, likely to contain: Body mods by Frankenstein, Rooftop Chases, Fighting on a Train, Complete this Ritual Before The World Is Doomed, "I would have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky Storm Knights". -

[D&D] Tomb of Annihilation

It’s ToA.

In Queue

[Carbon 2182] New Verticals

Adorable Film Noir Cyberpunk

The debt wasn’t a problem when Nook Inc was trading. Sure, the number was high, but the boss wasn’t going to call in his marker, and you knew you’d get to it eventually.

But Tom Nook has gone missing, and Kane Reclamations has picked up the corp assets, and all they see is red on their ledger. A lot of red, with your name against it. Sure, the Ables can get you cover identities for now, Clyde will still sell you wetware, Flik’s got you covered for surveillance, but sixty billion’s a lot, and they’re looking for every single one, and peaches won’t cut it.

The Bells are ringing, and they toll for thee.

(Characters and all NPCs are all animals in this adorable cyberpunk dystopia)

[Fate] Delve Too Deep

The dwarves have been gone a long time, but rumours of the vast empire below the mountain have persisted. It was a fortress for a succession of empires, but two hundred years ago something happened and the gates have been closed to all - mundane, divine or magical - attempts to open them. But two weeks ago people started seeing lights in the high places, and shadows through the gates, and the doors of the fortress may once again be open… (Traditional dungeon-delve, existing campaign converted on the fly from ACKS to Fate, because I'm interested to see how well that works) -

[Legacy] Seven Points

The world as we know it has fallen, and fallen further. The cities that once we knew have gone, and in some places their ruins exist, and in others the ruins of places that match them neither in layout nor material. The last thing anyone saw before nothing is remembered were trails of fire across the sky, and beyond that in the stars beyond a symbol bigger than galaxies. (Legacy: Life Beyond the Ruins, a powered by the apocalypse game where you play as a culture and a major player within that culture on wider and narrower scenes respectively.) -…/legacy-life-among-the-ruins

[Glitch] Kintsugi

The world is broken at its core, creation is the great slander against existence, and those who can see it will never be the same. Those gathered to endure who have seen the cracked heart of reality are never the same, dogged though eternity with powers that will corrupt and kill them again and again. Powers they can use as a fulcrum to shift the balance of the world, which are no good against the ability to balance their bank account.

But someone has fixed it.

Rumours swirl that in a small village in England reality has forgiven the existence of creation, and it is possible to live in peace. This is impossible. But so is everything, these days. A small cadre of broken people, constantly dying of various forms of existence, have been sent to work out how this fragile peace has been forged.

All against the background of a world gone sad, with a thousand elephants, their journey begins.

Format: Weekender, maybe 4 times a year? Full day of RP buffered by social either side.

[Eberron] Mourning Glory

The border posts by the Mourning are not the safest places in the empire to stand guard. The ominous shifting wall of grey smoke that marks the boundaries of the former nation of Cyre occasionally gives way to some escaping creature or pursued adventuring party. But today a living spell approaches, its wide skin a riot of colours and shapes. A living scrying spell, showing shapes of a possible future. The guard on the edge is startled, because he recognises that building. It’s the town centre of Mending, buried since the Mourning under the massive impenetrable mass known as the glass glacier. The figures before it, though, he doesn’t recognise, and a search of the five nations commences until they find… you.

[FATE] Artifex

Players are a team of humans charged to get artifacts from other worlds. Statted as normal humans, they get PC skills for the world they end up in (Fantasy, Steampunk, Wild West, Superhero, Slippy-Slidey-Ice-World), which they lose when they return. In future missions, and in normal world, players can use a fate point to recall a skill they had in a previous mission. There will be no adventuring in the normal world, everything is fine in the real world, nothing can go wrong here.

[Numenara] Q-Day

The entire town has woken up to discover countdown clocks on the inside of their wrists. The times vary to within two weeks of each other. A man in the market is coughing blue smoke.

Systems Seeking Inspiration

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